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Farmer’s Day

Nane Nane day – August 8

Nane Nane (‘eight eight’ in Swahili) is a public holiday in Tanzania observed on August 8th each year. Also known as Farmers’ Day, this day marks the contribution of farmers to the national economy

History of Nane Nane

The importance of the agricultural sector in Tanzania is hard to overstate. Half of all workers in the country work in the sector and agriculture contributes to almost a third of Tanzania’s gross domestic product and accounts for 85% of exports.

The largest food crop is Maize and Sugar is the largest cash crop. Despite its importance to the economy and prosperity of the country, agriculture still faces challenges in terms of productivity. Like other African countries who rely on farming and agriculture a Farmers’ Day is a day to honour farmers and focus on the contribution of the sector to the country.

Nane Nane is an important opportunity to showcase new technologies and developments in farming, improve education and highlight best practice. Agricultural fairs start on August 1st, with eight fairs organised for August 8th.